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March 8, 2015


"Long ride with a Different kind of destination. Old historic town of Randsburg in the middle of nowhere. Lots of dirt bikes come into town and belly up to the old time bar. Does not feel like you are in Ca. More like Az. Or Nevada. Lots of high speed desert roads and a really fun and new kind of place. Lots of cool little junky antique stores. Bitchin!"    Carla K

Travel info on Randsburg, Calif.

Randsburg is in the heart of the Mojave Desert, about a 2-hour drive from Los Angeles. From L.A., take Interstate 5 north to California Highway 14 north to Mojave. About 20 miles north of Mojave is a sign for the turn to Randsburg and Johannesburg off Highway 14. Randsburg also can be reached by way of Interstate 15 and Highway 395. The best time to visit is on the weekend, when most businesses are open.

White House Saloon, 168 Butte Ave., Randsburg; (760) 374-2464.

Rand Desert Museum, 161 Butte Ave., Randsburg; (760) 371-0965, Open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. The museum will host the Rand District Old West Day on Sept. 15.. It will feature live western and bluegrass bands and other entertainment, as well as vendors of all sorts.

Randsburg Opera House, 26741 Butte Ave., (760) 374-1037. Open for special events.

 Randsburg General Store

                                                              Yelp review of Randsburg

Clock AHEAD one hour on the 8th.

Starting point - Fillmore Starbucks 650 W. Ventura Street. and we will have a
                                        pick up at the Valencia Albertson's on Copper Hill at 9:30. Next stop will be Mojave Chevron at                                               whatever  time we get there.

 Time - Meet at 8. Pre Ride talk at 850 and KSU at 9

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1 Ron Dumont (Ride Leader)
2 Jeff Goldstein
3 Kim Mancino
4 Roy Hooper
5 Carl Lovit
6 Frank Jebautzke


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