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February 2016
Club Ride To

Vasquez Rocks

                    Tiburcio Vasquez
El Bandido Ride

Saddle up on your trusted steed. Don your favorite bandana!  Join us for a ride to Vasquez Rocks !  Where Tiburcio Vasquez, one of California's most notorious bandits, used these rocks to elude capture by law enforcement. His name has since been associated with this geologic feature. This area has also been featured in numerous Movies and TV Series such as Star Trek, The Flinstones, The Outer Limits, and Gunsmoke just to name a few. The rock formations were formed by rapid erosion during uplift about 25 million years ago and later exposed by activity along the San Andreas Fault.

Our journey will begin at 8:30 from a new location in Fillmore, Angel’s Doughnuts at 141 W Ventura St. with KSU @9:00. We will wrangle any strays at the Copperhill Starbucks around 9:30. After our getaway to Vasquez Rock we will chow down at the Sweetwater Bar and Grill off Aqua Dulce (Spanish for freshwater, literally sweet water) Canyon RD. We won’t be grazing our mounts unless someone can’t make it to the end in Newhall. This ride is 132 miles


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Date:  Sunday, February 14

Start Location :
Angel's Doughtnuts

141 W Ventura St

8:30 with a pre ride talk at 8:50. KSU at 9:00 

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PLEASE GIVE CCR, AND YOUR FELLOW RIDERS A HEADS UP, and let us know if you are going on this ride. Click here to email us...  OR   RSVP to the event  on Facebook {when it's posted). We'll add you to the riders going list on the website. Once you've RSVP'd you will be added to the "going" list below

1 Ron Dumont (Ride Leader)
2 Jeff Goldstein
3 Carl Lovit
4 Kim Mancino
5 Sal Chiappetta
6 Rick Giroux
7 Michael Grossman
8 Barry Bernbaum
9 Mel and Andy Knevel
10 Joe Solis

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