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April 2016
Club Ride To

 Time to shake things up!


That’s right folks, we’re heading to the San Andreas Fault and the Road-a-coaster  section of Route 58.

This road gives you the same stomach dropping, heart in your throat, weightless feeling as a roller coaster ride except you control the speed and as much excitement as you can handle. With Daylight savings now in affect we have more time to stretch the boundaries. We will start in Ojai where they actual had a recent 4.2 magnitude Earthquake. Meeting Full of Beans @ 8:30 with a pre ride talk at 8:50. Rock & Roll @ 9:00. Our first gas stop will be in Santa Maria 110 miles from the start so make sure your tank is full at the start. Lunch will be in Creston at the Loading Chute. Here's a link to their menu

With our bellies full we will hit those woops and hopefully keep everything down. Our second gas stop will be in Taft 137 miles from our first stop. We will end the ride 323 from the start at the Deer Lodge in Ojai where we can cool down with a cold one and hope they have no aftershocks.

Date:  Sunday, April 24

Distance :  323 miles

Start Location :
Full of Beans
11534 North Ventura Avenue

Time:  8:30 with a pre ride talk at 8:50. KSU at 9:00 



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PLEASE GIVE CCR, AND YOUR FELLOW RIDERS A HEADS UP, and let us know if you are going on this ride. Click here to email us...  OR   RSVP to the event  on Facebook {when it's posted). We'll add you to the riders going list on the website. Once you've RSVP'd you will be added to the "going" list below

1 Ron Dumont (Ride Leader)
2 Jeff Goldstein
3 Joe Solis
4 Kim Mancino
5 Mel and Andy Knevel
6 Carla Korda
7 Claire Schlosser
8 Barry Bernbaum

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