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January 2017
Club Ride
Petersen Museum
&  L.A Landmarks



 Many childhood dreams are to become rich and famous but few ever achieved stardom. Well for those like most of us that don’t know that lifestyle, here’s our chance to see how the other half lives. Ron's no Robin Leach, but he’ll do his best to guide us thru some of the landmarks around Los Angeles and Hollywood.              

We will first head to the Petersen Automotive Museum and take in their Exhibitions of the four and two wheel variety. After you Auto Aficionados get your fill, we will fill our bellies at Carney’s Restaurant, a former old Pacific Railroad passenger train. From there we will pass the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery on our way to Elysian Park, home to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Next stop, Griffith Observatory with amazing views of  Downtown and the Hollywood sign. We will then head down the hill and over to Bronson Canyon-Griffith park to take a break in the shadows of the Oaks or a short hike to Bronson Cave for the adventurous. Then it’s on to the Hollywood Hills to see some lavish homes with one last stop to take in the Hollywood Sign again and an overlook of the Hollywood Reservoir. This will be a different kind of ride than we are used to, with some fun location, so please join us for this unique experience.
Date:  Sunday, January 8th

Distance :  68.7 miles

Start Location :
Simi Valley
2627 Yosemite Avenue

Time:  8:30 with a pre ride talk at 8:50. KSU at 9:00

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1 Ron Dumont (Ride Leader)
2 Sal Chiappetta
3 Carl Lovitt

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