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July 2017
Club Ride To


Date:  Sunday, July 9th

Start Location :

If we start in Ojai
    it'll be at Full of Beans.  

if Ventura....
A new start location...Starbucks 
at Seaward and Harbor  

8:30 with a pre ride talk at 8:50. KSU at 9:00

Going to give it another try.... CCR is headed to Orcutt. Last year we were rained out...twice... trying to get to Orcutt!  Hope we have better luck this year! Ventura. Or, a start in Ojai. If it's a hot day we'll start in Ojai and come home via the cool beach air. Also, we have the option of adding Tepusquet into the route. It would add less than an hour to the ride. I have both routes available to see below. If we start in Ojai it'll be at Full of Beans.  if Ventura....A new start location...Starbucks at Seaward and Harbor  

From one side or the other we end up at Jack's Restaurant (website) in Orcutt for lunch. Here's a link to YELP reviews of Jack's.   After lunch... a gas stop at the Mobil off  of E. Clark, then the ride will continue to, and  conclude in Ojai or Ventura . We will be taking Santa Rosa, Harris Grade, and Foxen Canyon!
215 miles or 244


To see the above routes in Google Maps click here

Click on map to view both routes in Google Earth
Google Earth Required
When prompted choose "browse"... then open the kml file with Google Earth from the drop down list

Click the appropriate link below

For Garmin devices:  

 .GDB  (both routes)


Google Maps


PLEASE GIVE CCR, AND YOUR FELLOW RIDERS A HEADS UP, and let us know if you are going on this ride. Click here to email us...  OR   RSVP to the event  on Facebook. We'll add you to the riders going list on the website. Once you've RSVP'd you will be added to the "going" list below

1  (Ride Leader)
2 Ventura Jeff
3 Camarillo Slim
4 Carl Lovit
5 Kim Mancino

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