Welcome to
CCR Safety Reward Program
*We want to REWARD YOU for thinking "Safety"*
In 2008 Craig Adams (owner of Cal Coast Motorsports and this Club) and I decided to REWARD our Members when they purchase anything safety-related for their motorcycle.  For example, if you buy an armored jacket, a motorcycle equipped with ABS, heated clothing, a FULL FACE helmet, armored gloves, etc. you will get a $20 gift card for Cal Coast Motorsports from me. Just hand me a copy of  the receipt for our records and then I
will give you the gift card. Let's promote safety together.
If you buy a helmet we can only reward you if you get a
FULL FACE helmet since it protects you so much better.

Suzana- Tourmaster armored jacket & pants
George Crespo- Tourmaster armored jacket & pants
Rick Bell- ZOX full face helmet
Richard Sweet- Full face helmet
Eric Grabowski- Full face helmet
Bill Muneio- Olympia Mesh Jacket
Robert Bruce- Armored Jacket
Germaine- Basic RiderCourse training program
Eric Grabowski-
Armored Pants
Jeff Lardner-
Armored Pants
Jerry Purdy- BMW LT with ABS
George Robinson- Yamaha FJR with ABS