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Author *File name-
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City Start/Finish Miles **Special Notes
Avila Beach Bill Febride2Vb Ventura/Ventura 300 Feb. 2010 Club Ride.  View map.
Black Canyon Ojai Roy Jan2010 Ventura/Oxnard 120 Jan. 2010 Club Ride
Borrego September 2014Carla, Jurgen and RoyBorregoSept2014.gdbFillmore/Thousand Oaks903Borrego Springs 2014
Burro Beach Sept.
Ojai Roy Burro09UFV1 Ojai/Padaro's 85 2009 Club Ride
Cuyama Ride w/
Neverland stop
Ojai Roy CuyamaNeverland SB Chevron/Ojai 190 2009 Club Ride 
Hunter-Liggett Camp Ojai Roy Hunter-LiggettCamp2010 Ojai/Carpenteria 555 2010 Camping Trip at Ponderosa
Jim's Casino/
Ojai Roy March2010 Fillmore/Castaic 180 2010 March Club Ride
Lake ArrowheadRon DumontAugust_2014_Lake_Arrowhead_v2.gdb
Google Maps
Fillmore/Sunland250August 2014 club ride
Mammoth Yosemite& Monterey Bill Mammoth3day Start & finish: Ventura 910 3 day ride visiting Mammoth
Lakes, Tioga Pass/Yosemite
and Monterey/Hwy 1 (recommended side trip June Lake)
Additional info and pics
Ojai to Oakhurst Ojai Roy Ojai33-Oakhurst49 Ojai/Oakhurst 250 This is a fun way to get to famous 49 and avoid 5 and 99.  Shown with  optional Forestiere Underground Gardens.
Pacific Grove 2014 Roy/Carla 3 day Santa Cruz.
Ventura/Ventura 870  View Day 1- 300 miles
View day 2- 250 miles
View day 3- 320 miles
View 3 day route.
Poppy/Gorman Ojai Roy April2010 Fillmore/Ojai 160 2010 April Club Ride
Wrightwood and
Big Bear
Ojai Roy BigBear09UF Fillmore/Fillmore 355 Backroads from Wrightwood to
Big Bear.  All day ride, suggest
leaving at 8am.

How to make Zumo Routes

If you are making a route for our club Jeff Goldstein put this waypoint map together of our common stops so you don't have to keep searching for them in Mapsource.
You will find a lot of step-by-step in the Mapsource Help File-

Bill Muneio made a tutorial on creating a basic route for your Garmin GPS with Map Source.
(Make sure to click on the icon to the right of the speaker icon so you can see the map in a larger view.)
And if you want to convert Google Maps to your Zumo check out Cameron's
Using Google Maps and a Garmin Zumo.  Also check out How to create a "My Map" in Google Maps.

By Ron Dumont

MapSource Tips

You can download my waypoint file to pull common stops on our rides.

Note: You can move the map by pushing the arrow keys on your keyboard without the route tool disappearing . Also the + and – key on your keyboard will zoom the map in and out. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can use it to zoom in and out with. If you press the following shortcut keys you can toggle between functions and not disturb the route.

H = Hand

W = Waypoint

R = Route

S = Select

D = Distance/Bearing

T = Track Draw

Z = Zoom

M = Map


Making a Route          Option  1) Select the Route tool in tool bar. It’s the Three dots with lines between them icon. Then place arrow at location where you want to start route and left click. Move arrow to next spot and continue selecting via points as desired. To end route press Esc, or right click then “Cancel” button. Note: if you make a mistake just select the “undo” tool in the tool bar. It’s the counterclockwise semicircle with an arrow icon. 

                                    Option 2) Select the Select tool in the tool bar. It’s the arrow icon. Then place arrow at location where you want to start route and right click. Select “Begin Route”.  Move arrow to next spot and continue selecting via points as desired. To end route press Esc, or right click then “Cancel” button. 

                                    Option 3) From the waypoint tab in the left window select the waypoint you want the route to start with then hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the waypoint you want the route to end with. After two waypoints are highlighted right click either of the selected waypoints then select “Create Route using Selected Waypoint(s)”. Select “Ok” to finish. 

Extend Route              Option 1) Select desired route. Select route tool and then select the start or end point you want to extend. Move arrow to next position as if you were making a route. 

Edit point in Route     Option 1) Select desired route. Select waypoint on route you want to edit then move arrow to new location and select. 

Add between Route   Option 1) Select desired route. Select route between two points you want to add then move to new location. 

                                    Option 2) If you don’t have a waypoint to the new location make one by selecting the Waypoint tool from tool bar then select on map the location for the new waypoint.  Next double click route from window on left. The route properties window will come up. Select the waypoint you want to insert the new waypoint in front of then select the “Insert Waypoint” button in that window. The select waypoint screen will come up. Select the desired waypoints you want then select “ok”. Select the “Ok” button and the route will recalculate. 

Tour Guides
Inexpensive Garmin GPS
The Garmin Zumos are made for motorcycles, are waterproof and come ready to mount on your bike, that's why
they sell a starting price of $599, and go up from there.  If you don't want to spend that much  but still want to be
able to make/transfer your own routes, our GPS guru Bill Muneio suggests the Nuvi 755T or 765T (pictured above) and
they can be found used online for around $75. You'll need a way to mount the GPS...We suggest Ram Mounts . It's so much fun to be able to make your routes on your computer, transfer them to your Garmin, and then listen to her guide you.  It is worth the $'s!  

You will need Mapsource to make and read maps so follow these 4 steps-

1- Download the Training Center: (45 mb)

2- Install it 

3- Then download the MapSource update: (55 mb)

4- Install it. 

You now have full blown MapSource, enjoy!