List of CCR duties
I will help teach these items during 2014 but after that I need to take a break from all of this "thinking".
I will add more to the list as I think of them.
YES, I did all of these except the raffle tickets mostly all by myself for 11 years.  I need a break.
Maintaining web site.  I use Kompozer & Fire FTP and you do not need to know html code.  You will also need a free photo editor like FS Viewer.Jeff
Monthly newsletterJeff
Raffle ticketsRon and Kim ?
T-shirts- storing and ordering through Lightning Ridge in VenturaKim
Ride coordinator to come up with at least 12 destinations every year then make the routes and then lead the rides, make lunch reservations, research motel info on multi-day trips, make sure people ride safely for the safety of everyone in the group.  Put up one page showing all rides of the year at the beginning of each year at Cal Coast for customers to see.Ron
Treasurer- track monies from memberships, raffles, shirt sales, desserts, etc.  You can use Personal Ledger which is 2.5 MB and you can download it here or you can choose another one.Kim
Get waiver forms signed before each rideRon
Buy pastries/donuts before each ride
Pick up gift cards from Cal Coast before each ride from Harlan, Kevin, or Scott Carla
Attend monthly bike night at Cal Coast to promote club.  Someone will have to bring club shirts, business cards and member applications.
Design and order business cards showing our club logo, web site and contact info. Make sure the table at Cal Coast always has some on hand along with membership apps.  I made ours using Vista Print.