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*Cal Coast Riders-  

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January 2017 Peterson Museum & L.A. Landmarks
Photo's by Ron Dumont  Click Here

September/October 2016 4 day Big Bear/Borrego Springs

*   Photo's by Ron Dumont  Click Here

August 2016 Cambria Overnighter

*   Photo's by Ron Dumont Click Here

May 2016 Kernville Ride
*   Photo's by Ron Dumont Click Here

April 2016 Creston Ride
*   Photo's by Ron Dumont Click Here

March 2016 Lone Pine Death Valley
*   Photo's by Ron Dumont Click Here

NorCal/Oregon/Washington 10 Day  June 20-29, 2015

Pictures by Ron Dumont  
Ron Dumont - CCR 2015 10 Day  NorCal/Oregon/Washington. Picasa Web album

Santa Cruz/ Ben Lomond  3 day ride

Fotos and vids from 
Jürgen Turini

Death Valley/Kernville 3 day Ride March 2015
-Photos from  Ron Dumont

 2014 Colorado photos
Ron Dumont
Jeff Goldstein 

Randsburg ride photos added, click on the link-
Photo Gallery of our Club rides
Below are galleries from our Members.
*Utah 2013 photos- Juergen's -  Frank's- Ron's
*Ron Dumont's photos of our 2013 Death Valley ride.
*Ron Dumont's photos of our Los Alamos ride in 2012.
*Ron's Facebook photos of our 3 day Santa Cruz ride in 2012. (You will need to have an account with Facebook)
*Darcy's Santa Monica Mntn Ride July 2011.
* Darcy's Big Bear photos and video of Sept. 2010.
*View Darcy's Avila photos of Feb. 2010.  
*Yosemite 3 day ride from Darcy. 
*Cayucos Ride PHOTOS from  Joe Solis
*Bill Muneio-
Nov.  2008 Death Valley  High res pics    Pics and map
*George Crespo (Wind Sword Ninja)-
Sept. 2009 Camino Cielo/Burro Beach ride   
August 2009 Tim Bates memorial ride  
March 2009 Lake Isabella 
Oct.  2008 BMW open house 
Sept. 2008 Members' Party at Suzana's 
Sept. 2008 Far Western 
Aug.  2008 Malibu 
July    2008 Pine Mntn Club in Kern County 

Members, if you want to add your Club ride photos to our gallery for all to see 
please open up a free account at Picasa or Google like Ron, George, Jurgen, and Frank have and make 
your galleries "viewable to the public"and send me your link.  CCR Staff

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