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GPS, Routes, and Routing

Many of us at CCR consider our GPS's  an incredible tool that makes riding/navigating much easier, less stressfull, and more enjoyable.  You may have seen our downloadable routes on our website. We plan all of our routes using the software that comes with Garmin GPS units. The software is called *Mapsource.  With Mapsource you can plan your routes, find gas, find hotels, find pretty much anything. After planing your route you can then transfer the route to your GPS and receive turn by turn directions.

*Garmin no longer supports Mapsource.  They want you to use a program called BaseCamp.   It is available for free at  I do not know many people who like BaseCamp. It is much  more difficult to use than  Mapsource.  For that reason we continue to use Mapsource.  We have it available here for download here on our website.

   You will need Mapsource to make and read maps so follow these 4 steps-

1- Download the Training Center: (45 mb)

2- Install it 

3- Then download the MapSource update: (55 mb)

4- Install it. 

You now have full blown MapSource, enjoy!
An Inexpensive Garmin GPS
The Garmin Zumos are made for motorcycles, are waterproof and come ready to mount on your bike, that's why they sell a starting price of $599, and go up  from there.  If you don't want to spend that much  but still want to be able to make/transfer your own routes the Nuvi 755T or 765T (pictured above) and they can be found used online for around $75. You'll need a way to mount the GPS...We suggest Ram Mounts . It's so much fun to be able to make your routes on your computer, transfer them to your Garmin, and then listen to her guide you.  It is worth the $'s!

GPS Terminology  101
Let’s start at the beginning, with an explanation of the terms used by MapSource:

 A point that is saved on a map.  A hotel, a gas station, or any stop or sight you want  to see. All of these are waypoints

 A line between two or more waypoints


 A recorded log of where your GPS has been and when.

 The detailed electronic picture used in the MapSource application itself. MapSource itself can
handle several map products being loaded into it.

How to make Zumo Routes

Bill Muneio made a tutorial on creating a basic route for your Garmin GPS with Map Source.
(Make sure to click on the icon to the right of the speaker icon so you can see the map in a larger view.)
And if you want to convert Google Maps to your Zumo check out Cameron's
Using Google Maps and a Garmin Zumo.  Also check out How to create a "My Map" in Google Maps.

For detailed information about all aspects of Mapsource check out these links:
  1.  Mapsource users manuel

  2. Mapsource for Beginners 

  3. GPS tip from GPS Kevin