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It  costs $12/year to join
CCR and  you can get 
an application from  Ron, Kim, or the ride leader.
You can  also get it from
our  Join  page.
Members get a 15% discount on parts and accessories excluding  tires and sale items at Cal Coast Motorsports.

We are a medium-paced riding club. 
We don't ride super fast yet, we don't take all day to get there.  We are tailored more towards sport touring, but we do have members with a variety of types of motorcycles. Our single day rides average 250 miles, and last most of the day. Because of our pace, and distances covered, we ask that you  be an  experienced rider, and are comfortable around other riders. We also go on 2, 3, 4, and longer trips. Check out our ride calendar
 to see if one of our rides interests you.  

ALL BRANDS ARE WELCOMED, and you do not have to be a member to ride with us. We do ask that you are an experienced rider, and are comfortable around other bikes. 

     Our CLUB rides are on the SECOND SUNDAY of the month  and we meet at 8:30 and kick stands up (KSU) at 9 am sharp with the pre-ride talk at 8:50 unless stated otherwise.

On the Wednesday before our ride we will email the riders on our email  list with the latest ride info. 

 Potential New Members (Important)

New potential members will be expected to join the club after their 3rd ride with us. Dues are only $12 a year! We feel this is an adequate amount of  time to get acquainted with the group, and see what we do, and how we do it. And, to see if you enjoy riding with us.
New to the club rider Rules and  Guidelines
 For the following 4 rides, after a new member joins, they will be expected to only ride within the group framework and not pass the leader of the group at any time. That will total  about 7 rides in which a new rider rides within the group  framework before they can pass to the front and ride at their own desired pace. New riders are expected to know who the leader is and not pass them. Furthermore the leader will decide when it is appropriate for the faster riders to take the lead. This will only be done on sections the leader deems acceptable, at which point they will wave those riders on. Riders may only pass the leader when they are motioned to pass. Anyone that does not comply with these rules will be asked to leave the group. Our riders are expected to know what they are doing, and to be responsible for themselves and others in the group.

Ready to ride with us?Please view this MSF video on group riding so you will know why we do certain things. Click here to view our Rider Waiver form.

(From a "moss" incident on our club ride in June 2011)
When you approach a stream crossing the road- hand signal to the traffic behind you that you are slowing down a lot and stay on the left side of the road and ride in the cars' left tire track where moss has not built up as much.  
You cannot see the slippery moss and you could lose control and damage your motorcycle

  • Stop by our staff page to see the people that help  run our Club.

  • When you have time, please check out this video from Motorcycle Safety Foundation Guide To Group Riding and it will give you a good understanding of riding in a group.

Our Monthly Newsletter

                New... Newsletter Archive Page 

I have built a "newsletter archive" webpage which houses and provides links to  all our Newsletters past, and present.  Check the  Newsletter Archive  link I have added to the "Links" column on the left side of this page.   

Delivery problems

Some people are not getting our monthly Newsletter emails so we have decided to post the Newsletter on our site so people can read the newsletter that way.  If you haven't been getting your monthly Newsletter email from us please check your spam folder/filter.

    If you would like to receive information about upcoming rides and  the CCR Newsletter in your email  inbox click here to be
         added to our email list!

WE ARE SPONSORED BY Cal Coast Motorsports

MEMBERS, Looking for the best price on MC gear?  
Get it at Cal Coast Motorsports!  Owner Craig Adams wants you to know 
our everyday pricing on Shoei helmets is better than most online sites.  Also, we will 
match any online prices on equal terms on current merchandise.  Simply print out the offer or bring it in on your phone.  We ask that everyone keep their business local and 
support the Cal Coast as we support them."

Club funds as of December 15, 2014- $566.56
 Our funds are from our $12
membership dues
and raffle.

*Our club shirts are now on their own page.  Click here.

* For Photos of our June 2014 Colorado Ride Please check out our Photo Gallery

 CCR at Longhorn Bakery and Cafe in Old Town Santa Ynez December 2014.

Please wear a fullface helmet.
If you don't wear
a full face helmet please consider
getting one ASAP.
For YOUR sake.

Ride Calendar
now on its own page.

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