This page last updated on April 10, 2015

April 2015 Club Ride
Pozo Saloon /Santa Margarita

Date: April 12th

Starting point:Ventura Carl’s Jr 1745 S.Victoria Ave.

Time:Meet at 8:30 and Depart at 9:00 

We will have a pick up at the Santa Barbara Chevron around 9:45


This time we will take the clockwise loop up to the 58 to avoid the late afternoon traffic in Santa Barbara. This will be our longest ride of the year and it can get a bit warm so be sure to bring fluids or a hydration backpack if you have one. We will be slabbing it on the 101 in a few sections with some nice canyons and rural roads to break it up. Just past Santa Margarita we will take Pozo Rd down to our lunch stop at Pozo Soloon. 

After lunch we will complete the loop back up to the 58 for more twist and turns until we get to the big whoops formed by the San Andreas Fault. From there it’s the 33 thru Taft and the fun stretch of twisties into Ojai.


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PLEASE GIVE CCR, AND YOUR FELLOW RIDERS A HEADS UP, and let us know if you are going on this ride. Click here to email us...  OR   RSVP to the event  on Facebook. We'll add you to the riders going list on the website.


1 Ron Dumont (Ride Leader)
2 Jeff Goldstein
3 Carl Lovit
4 Roy Hooper
5 Joe Solis
6 Bob Williams