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Starting locations:

 Depends on the ride.  Click on link to see the location on Google Maps

Del Taco
 121 West Ventura Boulevard
 Burger King
 572 W. Ventura Street
  650 W Ventura St.
Full of Beans
11534 North Ventura Avenue
Santa Barbara
 115 South La Cumbre Road
 2627 Yosemite Avenue
Peet's Coffee and Tea
1171 S Victoria Ave

Angel's Doughnuts

131 W Ventura St

We are now requiring all our riders to be equipped with proper riding gear including helmet (preferably a full face one) it's the law anyway, jacket, riding pants (no denim unless they are armored), gloves, and above ankle boots.   Crashes happen. Gearing up minimizes the damage.  We want to minimize the damage. If a rider shows up without this gear they will be asked to come back once they have it.  

Here's a sneak peak of  the  2017 Ride Calendar

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Next up....
January 8
th - Petersen Museum & L.A. Landmarks

All of the staff at Cal Coast Riders wish all of our members a very safe, and Happy Holiday season!!  

Click the map pic above for full ride details and downloads


Full Calendar
Please note that the ride calendar is tenative for now, and is subject to change

Rain cancels rides.
 If rain cancels a ride it will be posted on the ride calendar at 6AM the morning of the ride

DateDestinationDescriptionDistanceClick map pic to link to ride page for complete ride details.
January 10OrcuttFor the January Orcutt ride we will start at Peet's Coffee & Tea  in Ventura, with a pickup at the Santa Barbara Chevron around 9:15. Then lunch at Jacks Restaurant in Orcutt. After lunch a gas stop at the mobil off E Clark then end the ride in Ojai. We will be taking Santa Rosa, Harris grade, and Foxen Canyon!
Click this map pic for full ride details
February 14Vasquez RockFor the February Vasquez Rock ride we are going to start at a new place in Fillmore, Angel Doughnuts. 141 W Ventura St. and have a pickup at the Copperhill"s Starbucks around 9:30. We will go to Vasquez rock first then to the Sweetwater Cafe in Agua Dulce for lunch. We won't have a gas stop unless someone can't make it to the end in Newhall.132
Click this map pic for full ride details
March  12
 Ventura Harbor with a stop at Cal Coast MotorsportsCal Coast Riders will be  visiting Ventura Harbor, and Andria's Seafood.  We will also be stopping in at Cal Coast Motorsports...our sponsor!  If you have gift cards ...bring 'um!157
Click this map pic for full ride details
April 2-4Lone Pine/Death Valley 3-day We will be heading to Lone Pine with a breakfast stop in Keen then take Caliente Creek into Kernville,  The next day we will ride around the Alabama Hills and hopefully up to Whitney Portal for some spectacular views if the road is open. From there we take  White Mountain Rd and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest. Again if the road is clear. After that it’s  into Beatty. Heading home we will check out the ghost town of Rhyolite then Artist drive in Death Valley . We will then head to Badwatter and to Baker. From there it’s  Soledad Canyon , and end in Newhall.Appx 800+
Click this map pic for full ride details
April 24 CrestonThat’s right folks, we’re heading to the San Andreas Fault and the Road-a-coaster  section of Route 58.   This road gives you the same stomach dropping, heart in your throat, weightless feeling as a roller coaster ride except you control the speed and as much excitement as you can handle.323
Click this map pic for full ride details
May 8 Kernville

One of our favorite club rides CCR heads to Kernville.  Highlights are the canyons of Leona Valley.  The peaceful straights of Lancaster and Mojave.  The 178. Lake Isabella. Caliente Bodfish Road.  Breckenridge Rd.  The home stretch...down the 33 into Ojai.

Click this map pic for full ride details
June 12 CrestlineTime to go carve it up through The local mountains of L.A. ... A.K.A Angeles National Forest!241
Click this map pic for full ride details
July 10 San Luis Obispo, Madonna Inn Copper CafeOk we don’t need a Delorean or 1.21 Gigawatts to go back in time. Lets head to the uniquely themed Madonna Inn that has a Swiss-Alps exterior and a 60’s throwback feel inside and dine at the Copper Café.  Here's a link to their menu. And for the men that need a bathroom break, you can visit the Rock Waterfall Urinal. Be careful as women often go in there just to check it out. Haha.273
Click this map pic for full ride details
August 13-14Pacific GroveInstead of going to Cambria on Aug. 14 we will be making this an overnighter to Pacific Grove leaving on the 13th. For those that can't make it overnight maybe you can ride with us out to Santa Maria where we will have lunch and you can head back home after that. We will be taking the 33 to the 166 into Santa Maria then up the coast up to Pacific Grove. 589
Click this map pic for full ride details
September 11 CCR Club Ride & BBQCurrent menbers please join us for our mostly annual club BBQ!  We will have a short... appx. 3 hour ride... culminating at the BBQ in Mission Hills.122
Click this map pic for full ride details
September 29- October 2Borrego springs 4 day rideLast year those that did a similar ride had such a good time we figured we would extend the trip by a day and experience Big Bears Oktoberfest. 919
Click this map pic for full ride details
October  9Cuyama, Buckhorn RestaurantA nice ride hitting some of our favorite roads! On our way to New Cuyama, and the Cuyama Buckhorn ..with a whisltle wetter stop at the Deer Lodge. A nice length ride at 202 miles.  202
Click this map pic for full ride details
November 13Santa Monica MountainsAll of the staff at Cal Coast Riders wish all of our members a very safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!!  Our November ride has us doing a tour of the Santa Monica Mountains.  Some of the landmarks you will see are the exciting town of Fillmore,  Denison Grade,  Lake Casitas, and many, many more!!! Check out the full route with the map link on the right.  We will be having lunch at Malibu Seafood....a club favorite! Awesome fried and grilled seafood! Here's a link to their Yelp reviews! The end of our ride is in Calabasas...and the  Sagebrush Cantina for those who would like a whistle wetter.  Come join us for this nice fall  mid milage twisty ride!170
      Click this map pic for full ride details
December 11Santa Barbara, Cold Spring Tavern

All of the staff at Cal Coast Riders wish all of our members a very safe, and Happy Holiday season!!  For December  our ride is short and sweet...just like SoCal winter days!  Our "destination" is the Cold Spring Tavern !  If we make great time we might   be there for breakfast.  If  we arrive after 11AM,  lunch is in our future! Highlights include...but are not limited to...  Lake Casitas,  Camino Cielo, the 192, Mountain Dr./Gibralter Rd., and Cabrillo Blvd!
Click this map pic for full ride details
*Route is being worked out if there is no link pic

Multi Day Rides

*Sea Otter Inn at Cambria.
*Songdog Ranch camping in Cuyama Valley
*Madonna Inn, SLO

*The Dana on Mission Bay, San Diego.
*Death Valley/ Kern.( May)
*Jeffrey Hotel on highway 49
* Borrego Springs

*NorCal/Oregon/Washington 10 day

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