December 18, 2014


By Jeff Goldstein 

           Firstly, and most importantly, WE (Ron, Carla, Kim, Roy and I) want to take this opportunity to wish all of those in the Cal Coast Riders family, and their loved ones,  a very Happy Holiday  season!   We wish you all a healthy, happy, ride filled New Years 2015!   Thank you for making 2014 another memorable year for CCR!  
    2014 was a year of change for CCR.  Our long time leader Roy Hooper retired from his CCR duties in July after 11 years of  routing, planning rides, making reservations, creating and managing the website, and  host of other chores....all by his lonesome!  I know  I am joined by hundreds of Cal Coast Riders....present, past, and future,  in saying a big THANK YOU to Roy for all he has done for  us Cal Coast Riders over all these years!  CCR would not exist without Roy, and I am sincerely grateful that it does!
    Another big thank you goes out to Ron Dumont!  He has done a great job as our new ride leader!  Leading a ride is not an easy job, and Ron has stepped up, and is becoming a an excellent ride leader!  Thanks for all your time and effort in putting together some really nice rides for us RD! I am looking forward to seeing what routes you have in store for us for 2015!
    And a thank you  to Kim  Mancino, our club treasurer/membership coordinator. Kim is doing a great job keeping us fiscallly  sound, and our membership list current and accurate.
    And, last but not least....A big thanks to Carla,  our multi day ride coordinator(MDRC).  She put together the most memorable ride of 2014. Our Colorado ride was one for the ages!  Epic! If you've ever put together a muli day you know how time consuming all the  work invlolved is in routing, hotels, food, etc.  Carla did a great job, and because of her effort our Colorado trip went flawlessly!

And, perhaps most importantly....Thanks to all the people who make CCR so fun to ride with....our members.  Riding with CCR over the past few years I have made many new friends, and  met some of the nicest people I have ever known!  Priceless!

The Rubber Side Down

 Lou Vanderveen

    On Sunday December 14 Cal Coast Riders lost our friend Lou Vanderveen to a long battle with health issues.  Lou was one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.  He spent the last 20 years of his life raising money for kids with brain tumors through Ride for Kids.  Thanks for all you did Lou!  You will be  greatly missed! Hope you are ejoying riding your favorite roads in heaven! Rest in Peace Lou!


   On The Road
By Jeff Goldstein  
       December had the Cal Coast Riders traveling to Old Town Santa Ynez! 

The day started out with perfect weather following some real heavy rain  that came down on Friday.  The morning was a brisk 42 degrees as I rode through Oakview on the way to Full of Beans.  I finally got to use my heated jacket liner! There were 11 riders....  with One two up...Shahin and his friend.   For  as much rain as we had  I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the roads were on the way  up to Santa Ynez....very nice! Ron lead us at a very nice pace, and the ride up to S.Y.  was fun... and beautiful.  The rain we've been getting has totally greened up the California countryside! Such a pretty time of year!   Unfortunately we have no pix.  We need a club photographer!!!  After an awesome couple of hours ride time we pulled into Old Towne S.Y.  I was starving and craving breakfast, but I watched as most everyone headed into Maverick's Saloon.  Moment later they all came out and headed into the Longhorn Coffee Shop & excellent choice!!!  I got my breakfast!  My food was great...Sausage and eggs!  I sat with a new rider to our group....Carla's friend John.  He got the ham and egg omelet, and it looked so good I'm going to order it next time I'm there! Hey John...It was nice riding with you!  I hope you come out for our January ride! Anyway...I thought the Longhorn was a nice little cafe with very good food and service.   Definitely worth a return visit!

    The ride after lunch didn't go quite as smoothly as our morning leg.....{smiling).    It was all good till we got to Gibralter/E. Camino Cielo.  Yes, E.Camino Cielo has some magnificent views of the Pacific, is easily the freaking bumpiest road I think I have ever had the pleasure to ride. It's always kind of dirty....and the rain did not help that much at all. It's a pretty intense ride down the hill.  I am happy to say that none of our riders crashed on the way down.  Arrr... but Ron nearly got crashed into by a Harley rider going the opposite direction. The rider panicked, locked up his front brake, and laid his Harley down on a turn that he and Ron were simultaneously navigating.  Ron was able to maneuver out of the way and barely avoided the guy sliding toward him. Luckily no one was seriously hurt.  We had one more minor....inconvenience.  Down the road a piece Bob Williams FJR picked up a  metal "staple"  in his rear tire, and it caused a flat. Bob had a tire plug kit and they plugged the tire, hooked up the 12v compressor to Kim's bike...filled the tire...and an hour later they were on their way. I'd sure like to see the club do an in service on flat repair!

We held the custom raffle for the $25 gift cards donated by our sponsor...Cal Coast Motorsports in Ventura. The cards were won by Rob McAfee, and Shahin Jahanbigloo. Congrats to both of you! I brain farted and did not take a pic of the winners...sorry fellers! 

  As usual, We had a great group of people attend this ride! And, all things considered, we had a good ride, and mostly a good day!


Happy Holidays and Happy New Years everyone! I look forward to riding with you guys in 2015!



January 2015 Preview   
January 11- Jack's Restaurant of Orcutt.

Highlights are Santa Rosa Rd, W. Lompoc Casmalia Rd , and Foxen Canyon Rd. These are some of our favorite country roads in the area with nice twisty roads and great scenery. It may be cold this time of year so make sure you layer up and bring your thermals or heated gear if you have it.

As always....For complete details, downloads,  and the latest info on this ride....and all of our rides...  Visit our ride calendar on our website at

Cal Coast Motorsports owner Craig Adams said that "we will match any online prices on equal terms on current merchandise.  Simply print out the offer or bring it in on your phone.  We ask that everyone keep their business local and support the Cal Coast as we support them."  I have mentioned many times before how important it is to support Cal Coast Motorsports because you will keep your money local, keep local employees employed and have Cal Coast Motorsports here when you need them.  So this personal message from Craig should answer any questions you have about price matching.  


Next time you are in Cal Coast you might want to check out their CLEARANCE section which is at the end of the chemical aisle.  There is a clothing rack and also some helmets against the wall.  They have some
good deals there.

Thanks all!