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March 2013
Cal Coast Riders News

Visual check with Ventura Beach Cam

I need a count of how many are planning to attend our free lunch party so we have an idea of how much we can spend per person.  Please let me know if you plan on attending.
We are starting our TENTH year!  In 2003 Cal Coast Motorsports owner Craig Adams asked me if I wanted to run the Cal Coast Riders Club for his customers and other local riders.  So in January 2004 we had our first ride and we've had many since then.  My main goal was to take you on some great back roads and ride as little on the freeway as possible.  I want to thank those of you that have ridden with us,supported us and that have helped me run the club. Later this year when the weather is warm and not hot I want to express my gratitude to the active members that have supported the club over the years by having a lunch or BBQ.  
I have set aside $300 from our Club funds for this lunch party and I will need to know how many are going.  We can either try to find a restaurant or if someone has a backyard available for a BBQ we can do that.  The club will provide the food and non-alcoholic drinks.  

Please check out the 2013 Ride Calendar for some great rides we have planned.
Our monthly club for March will have us taking some nice back roads to a German Deli in Tehachapi and then our 3 day ride the following weekend has at least 11 of us going to Death Valley.

On May 5th we have a very important ride to Torrance for the annual Ride For Kids.  It's a fundraiser ride that helps kids with tumors live longer so I hope you can make this ride.  This is such an important ride that whatever funds we raise and donate, Cal Coast Motorsports owner Craig Adams will MATCH OUR AMOUNT up to $5,000 so please let me know by April 29th how much you are donating.  If your friends donate too and write out a check please have them make out the check to RIDE FOR KIDS. If you can't make the ride but still want to donate I will make arrangements to meet up with you.  

In June our club has a week long ride that covers some beautiful rock formation and 8 people have signed up so far.  Carla has made some great routes and plans for this trip and there's still time to sign up.

Many motorcycles have inaccurate speedometers that make you think you are going faster then you really are, ie during club rides I might be leading at 60mph according to my GPS speed and you might think I'm doing 65 or 70.  There is a free smartphone app called Ulysses Speedometer that will show your true speed so you can see the difference from that shown on your speedometer.  It also shows your elevation.  You can download the app from here.

And stop by our Classifieds page to see what our Member Neil is selling plus send me any motorcycle related items that you would like listed.

Daylight Saving Time 2013 begins at 2:00 AM on
Sunday, March 10
so don't forget to check your alarm clock before you go to bed Saturday night.

On March 10th we are riding to 
Tehachapi and the big wind machines with lunch at a German  Deli.
Starting point- Fillmore Starbucks 650 W. Ventura Street.  Meet at 8 and depart at 9 and we will have a pick up at the Albertston's at 23850 Copper Hill Dr, Valencia at around 9:30 but you need to let me know if you will be there View the Albertston's map.
We will ride through Leona Valley on our way to Tehachapi where we will have lunch at Kohnen's Country Bakery.  After a nice hearty German lunch we will ride west to Gorman and Lebec and take Lockwood Valley Rd. to Hwy 33 for our last stop in Ojai.
The ride is 240 miles and will be about 7 hours.  View the menu here.
We could encounter temperatures from the 40s to the 80s so please dress accordingly.

View route.  Download Zumo route.
IMPORTANT- On the morning of our ride check the Ride Calendar page to see if weather has CANCELED our ride.


We have sold out of our $15 XL shirts again so I will put in a new order later this year just for XLs since we still have the other sizes. If you want an XL shirt email me and let me know how many you want and what color.   The Lightening Ridge in Ventura does our shirts and the minimum order is 24 shirts so I need requests for at least 12 shirts.  So far I have an order for 4 shirts.

OUR 2010 Chapter Logo was designed by Bill Muneio.

Shirts are $15 and come in blue or black with our logo on the back.
Please let me know which size you would like so I can bring it on our ride.
2- Small
2- Medium
4- Large
7- Large
0- XL
6- XXL

During our 49 ride we found out that Richard Gomes had a non-Zumo Garmin GPS that he downloaded our 3 day routes to and it was less than $200.  So if you are looking for an alternative to the $600 + Zumos you might want to get the Garmin nuvi 755T (765T has Bluetooth).  You can make your own routes using Mapsource and download it to the nuvi.  You can also download our routes to it so you can see where we are going as your ride with us.  It is has the speed limit signs for most roads so you will know what the speed limit is and why I am doing the speed that I am doing. You can use this in any car as well. Click here for the nuvi 755T and here is the cradle to mount on your bike.  If you run across a better price on the nuvi please let me know so I can pass it on.  These items will not be around forever so don't hesitate.  
Check out our Zumo page that has some routes made by Cal Coast Riders.

Looking for the best price on MC gear?  Get it at Cal Coast Motorsports!  Owner Craig Adams wants you to know "our everyday pricing on Shoei helmets is better than most online sites.  Also, we will match any online prices on equal terms on current merchandise.  Simply print out the offer or bring it in on your phone.  We ask that everyone keep their business local and support the Cal Coast as we support them."  
I have mentioned many times before how important it is to support Cal Coast Motorsports because you will keep your money local, keep local employees employed and have Cal Coast Motorsports here when you need them.  So this personal message from Craig should answer any questions you have about price matching.  

Did you know that some of our members have their own web site?  Just go to our main page, navigate to the left column and look under "Members' Sites".

Hopefully you will never need to call a tow truck for your bike but if you do we have some options to add to your cell phone. The following info can always be found on our Towing page.
Paul's Cycle Rescue  in Ventura County.  Paul has a trailer made for MCs and he knows what he's doing.

A member suggested that if you break down far from home it might be cheaper to rent a u-haul truck with a trailer and tow your bike to wherever you need to go instead of paying a towing company their per mile rate.  I think this is a great suggestion and I hope I remember this if I am ever in that situation.  

Thanks all.
cell- 805-512-3098

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