November 21, 2014

All of the CCR Staff want to wish all of our friends a very

                 On The Road

By Jeff Goldstein

November had the Cal Coast Riders heading up to Mt. Baldy!  The day started out with perfect riding weather. Very moderate temps in the 60's to low 80's.   Cloud free blue skies were everywhere you looked. Sweet!  The route had us riding on  a hundred plus miles  of clean, gravel free, twisty roads filled with an abundance of  tight corners and nice elevation changes.  Some real fun riding!  I had a great time... and a great day! Nice pace Carl and Rob!!!
 We lunched at
The Mt. Baldy Lodge Restaurant.  It has a Deer Lodge kind of feel to it.  I liked it! The food was very good, as was the service! I consider myself an onion ring connoisseur, and the rings I had here were very good! FYI, they were beer personal favorite. I would definitely go back there to eat!! After lunch it was time to do the drawing for the 2 Cal Coast Motorsports $25 gift cards..generously donated by Cal Coast Motorsports in Ventura. Thanks Craig and Harlan! This month we had two winners! Congratulations to Bob Williams, and once again...Mark. I know... right! Mark is one lucky dude!


From Our Ride Leader

        By Ron Dumont

November's ride was our first ride under our new guidelines and I would like to thank everyone for following those rules. Some of the quicker riders were still able to get some spirited riding in on certain sections while the main group maintained position behind me. There were a few times the group got separated from the back of the pack and I will work on trying to keep everyone together. Thirteen bikes is a good size group to keep track of and staying bunched up in incorporated areas would help.  This is a learning experience for us and there will be areas for improvement but we ask for your patience. I would like to remind everyone that we have made these changes to make a safer experience for everyone thus a more enjoyable one. I look forward to leading you all on the next ride. 

Until then ride safe and keep the rubber side down.

Ron Dumont

December Preview

Old Town Santa Ynez

December's ride has us headed to Old Town Santa Ynez. Highlights include the windy vineyard roads around Los Olivos... Armour Ranch Rd , Baseline, and Ballard Canyon Rd. For more information about this ride visit our webpage at

Please check with the  CCR Ride calendar  page on our website for up to date information on this ride


Cal Coast Motorsports owner Craig Adams said that "we will match any online prices on equal terms on current merchandise.  Simply print out the offer or bring it in on your phone."  We ask that everyone keep their business local and support the Cal Coast as we support them."  I have mentioned many times before how important it is to support Cal Coast Motorsports because you will keep your money local, keep local employees employed and have Cal Coast Motorsports here when you need them.  So this personal message from Craig should answer any questions you have about price matching.  

Next time you are in Cal Coast you might want to check out their CLEARANCE section which is at the
end of the chemical aisle.  There is a clothing rack and also some helmets against the wall.  They have some
good deals there.

Thanks all!

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