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                October 2014
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            October 22, 2014
Visual check with Ventura Beach Cam
October CCR News  

From Kim Mancino Club membership coordinator

Reminder: The end of October is almost here. Have you paid your club dues yet?  Click here to pay.

By Jeff Goldstein                                                                                                                                                                   

October had us riding to Reyes Creek Bar and Grill.  This was a great route featuring two of my favorite roads....Lake Hughes,  and the 33! The weather was mild...perfect!  We had a very nice run at Lake Hughes Road.  A good chunk of Lake Hughes has been repaved making a fun road even better. Next we headed toward Pine Mountain Road. The ride was good, but could have been better. Two of our riders crashed.  The first rider escaped without injury to his body, and his bike had only  minor scratches.  The second rider who crashed was not as fortunate.  He spent the night in the hospital for injuries to his knee, and wrist.  He was not fully geared up.  Had he been, his injuries might have been significantly less.  Learn from this you people who ride in jeans...and tennis shoes!

We had lunch at  the Reyes Creek Bar and Grill...the food is pretty good there (I really like their onion rings)! After lunch we held the drawing for the two $25 Cal Coast Motorsports gift cards! One person won both cards....yet again.  No, it wasn't Ron, it was Mark....a new rider with CCR. Mark ended up donating the gift cards to the rider who was injured to help him recover!  A very nice thing for you to do Mark!!!!

After lunch we rode Highway 33. Ha....nicely uneventful!  The road was pretty clear of debris (rocks, gravel, and cagers), and we had a fun twisty ride all the way to Ojai!!!

All in all...even with the missteps...we still manged to have a good day!!


Nobody crashes on purpose....but both these crashes were easily preventable. I think it's awesome people want to push their limits...but during club rides is neither an appropriate time or place to do it.  We've all done it at one time or another! There are better places and times to do this...

"We are a medium paced riding club" a quote from our webpage

If you feel the need for speed...On the track would be the best place to go! Some of our members do Let's Ride track days...hook up with Robert Arance, or John Adams on our Facebook  page for more info.

   I totally feel empathy for the crashed.  I've been there. But, spending a chunk of time retrieving bikes that have gone over cliffs, and then later waiting for an ambulance to arrive to pick up a downed rider from our group was not  really the way I wanted to spend my day.   When you ride with us please keep in mind your actions affect all of the other riders you are with!!!   Have fun...but ride safe!

A Message From Ron Dumont            

Our Ride Coordinator / Leader

Hi everyone.  We all know that the ride to Reyes Creek was not as good as it could have been because of the two incidents that happened on our ride. Due to these  incidents  we have developed some new rules to hopefully bring more safety, better structure, and respect to the group.  Our goal at CCR is to have  fun, spirited rides....that ALL riders return home from safely!

With increased safety in mind:

We are now requiring all our riders to be equipped with proper riding gear including helmet (preferably a full face one), riding pants (no denim unless they are armored), gloves , and above ankle boots. If a rider shows up without this gear they will be asked to come back once they have it.

 New potential members will be expected to join the club after their 3rd ride with us. We feel  this is an adequate period of time to get acquainted with the group, and see what we do, and how we do it. For the following 4 rides after a new member joins, they will be expected to only ride within the group framework and not pass the leader of the group at any time. That will total 7 rides in which a new rider rides within the group before they can pass to the front and ride their own desired pace when motioned by the leader. New riders are expected to know who the leader is and not pass them. Furthermore the leader will decide when it is appropriate for the faster riders to take the lead. This will only be done on sections the leader deems acceptable at which point they will wave those riders on. Riders may only pass the leader when they are motioned to pass. Anyone that does not comply with these rules will be asked to leave the group. Our riders are expected to know what they are doing and to be responsible for themselves and others in the group.

Thanks  in advance for your help and cooperation with this!

Keep the rubber side down,

Ron Dumont

November Preview

November 9 -  Mt. Baldy
Mt. Baldy suggested by Robert Arance.  Ron Dumont will lead this ride starting at the Filmore Starbucks. Meet at 8:30 and depart at 9:00 sharp. We will have a pick up at the Santa Clarita Starbucks @ 27984 Seco Canyon around 9:30. The route will take us over Little Tujunga Canyon Rd to Big Tunjuga  Canyon Rd, then down Angeles forest to the Shell Station at the bottom for our first break. We will then blast down the freeway to Glendora Mountain Rd then Glendora ridge Rd with a lunch stop at Mt Baldy Lodge. We will backtrack on the ridge 
Rd over to Hwy 39 with our last stop at the Chevron just before the freeway entrance and back home.

 Please check with the  CCR Ride calendar  page on our website for up to date information on this ride


Cal Coast Motorsports owner Craig Adams said that "we will match any online prices on equal terms
on current merchandise.  Simply print out the offer or bring it in on your phone. 
We ask that everyone keep their business local and support the Cal Coast as we support them."  
I have mentioned many times before how important it is to support Cal Coast Motorsports because
you will keep your money local, keep local employees employed and have Cal Coast Motorsports
here when you need them.  So this personal message from Craig should answer any questions you
have about price matching.  

Next time you are in Cal Coast you might want to check out their CLEARANCE section which is at the
end of the chemical aisle.  There is a clothing rack and also some helmets against the wall.  They have some
good deals there.


During our 49 ride we found out that Richard Gomes had a non-Zumo Garmin GPS that he downloaded our 3 day routes to and it was less than $200.  So if you are looking for an alternative to the $600 + Zumos you might want to get the Garmin nuvi 755T (765T has Bluetooth).  You can make your own routes using Mapsource and download it to the nuvi.  You can also download our routes to it so you can see where we are going as your ride with us.  It is also has the speed limit signs for most roads so you will know what the speed limit is and why I am doing the speed that I am doing. You can use this in any car as well. Click here for the nuvi 755T and here is the cradle to mount on your bike.  If you know of other Garmin Nuvi models that allow you to enter routes please let me know so I can pass it on.  These items will not be around forever so don't hesitate.  
Check out our Zumo page that has some routes made by Cal Coast Riders.
Update 2014- Ron and Kim also have this GPS now.


Did you know that some of our members have their own web site?  
Just go to our main page, navigate to the left column and look under "Members' Sites".

Hopefully you will never need to call a tow truck for your bike but if you do we have some
options to add to your cell phone. The following info can always be found on our Towing page.
Paul's Cycle Rescue  (805 218 0283)   in Ventura County.  Paul has a trailer made for MCs and he knows what he's doing.

A member suggested that if you break down far from home it might be cheaper to rent a u-haul truck
with a trailer and tow your bike to wherever you need to go instead of paying a towing company their
per mile rate.  I think this is a great suggestion and I hope I remember this if I am ever in that situation.  

Thanks all!

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