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Club Newsletter
May 2015

     On the Road

By Jeff Goldstein

Mount Wilson

Nine of us...Ron, Carla, Bob, Lisa, Dan & Mary, Shahin, Barry, and yours truly  set out for Mount Wilson...departing from Del Taco in Camarillo. Nice to see Barry, Dan and  Mary(two up), and Lisa out riding with us again!!! It was a cool morning. Not cold, but cool. I like riding in cooler weather.  The warm temps will be here soon enough....so cool is cool!   The weather was mostly clear, and very comfortable in low 60's. Perfect for riding.  I  enjoy the twisty roads through Santa Clarita.  They are a lot of fun to ride. We did a gas stop on Sand Canyon  at the Chevron before we went up Soledad...Aliso....AFH...and the Tujunga's  Angeles Crest... and the ride up the mountain.  By the time we got up to Mount Wilson I was hungry and looking forward to lunch at the Cosmic Cafe.   First thing...They have a limited menu. Hot dogs....a sandwich....a salad...chili...Frito pie. I got a chili dog.  It was pretty good...though the chili was just ok.  While we were eating a thick... cool fog rolled in. Pea soup thick. Visibility went from pretty good, to maybe 50ft or less in places.


      Photo By Lisa                                             
Photo By Lisa 
                                            Photos by Shahin

After lunch we held the traditional raffle drawing for two Cal Coast Motorsports gift cardsCal Coast Motorsports donates two gift cards to us each month for us to raffle off. This not only helps out two lucky club members, it helps out our clubs balance sheet!!! Thank you Craig and Harlan at Cal Coast Motor Sports!!! We appreciate the support you give Cal Coast Riders!!

This month's  winner(s) were Bob Williams, And Carla Korda!!!!
Congratulations you two!!!!

Bellies full and two of us giftcarded, we toured the facilities at MW.  We saw solar telescopes, a huge 100" telescope, and a nice little museum.


A good route. Good group of riders. A very enjoyable day. Thanks everyone!!!

                                              photo by  Bob                                                                                                 photo by  Bob

                                                             Shahin ,Ron, Lisa(kneeling), Carla, Mary, Barry, Me, Bob, and Dan


June Preview

June has CCR headed to Avila Beach, and Mr.Rick's.  A cool ride.  Some coastal riding,  and  an inland leg down the 166 and 33.  Click on the pic above to go to this rides web page and get complete details.

Do your hands get numb when you ride?

Roy Hooper found a good article on hand numbness while riding. Below is an excerpt from the article, and a link to the  full article.

Motorcycle riders sometimes experience hand numbness, forearm fatigue, and other hand/wrist/arm discomfort -- especially early in the riding season.
This occurence is surprisingly prevalent among riders.
Recently in the Motorcycle Enthusiasts group forum on Linkedin, there were over 100 comments regarding this problem -- which shows how very common it is.  Often, the best suggestions come from other riders. 

26 Tips to Reduce Hand Numbness For Motorcycle Riders

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Cal Coast Motorsports owner Craig Adams said that "we will match any on line prices on equal terms on current merchandise.  Simply print out the offer or bring it in on your phone.  We ask that everyone keep their business local, and support the Cal Coast as we support them."  I have mentioned many times before how important it is to support Cal Coast Motorsports because you will keep your money local, keep local employees employed and have Cal Coast Motorsports here when you need them.  So this personal message from Craig should answer any questions you have about price matching.  


Next time you are in Cal Coast you might want to check out their CLEARANCE section which is at the end of the chemical aisle.  There is a clothing rack and also some helmets against the wall.  They have some
good deals there.


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