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Club Newsletter
April 2015

     On the Road

By Jeff Goldstein

We've been busy here at CCR.  Two rides to cover. Sweet!  At the end of March we did a three day ride out to Death Valley....one of....if not my favorite desert ride!  We also went on another favorite ride of mine...out to the Pozo Saloon. I was not able to make it to Pozo though....So, We have a guest author covering the Pozo ride!!!   Thanks Carla! Great column!    Wow....we are so fortunate to live where we live....and ride where we ride!!  

Death Valley/Kernville  March 28-30

The last time we went to DV...my first thought at the end of the ride was.... I wanna go back here!  This year's ride to DV...and Kernville was outstanding. Temps in the Mid 70's to Low 90's at the floor.

Day 1 To Kernville

Highlights of day one were riding Bodfish Caliente, Granite Rd., and the 155 into Kernville. Nice twisty roads in good condition for riding through some beautiful scenery.(I never get tired of writing that!)An eyebrow raiser for me was when we went through some open grazing land where there were cattle grazing by the side of the road...no fences. Being the squirrel magnet that I am I kept a close eye on those bugggers! If you've never done these roads....add them to your "need to ride" list for sure! Very fun! In Kernville, we stayed at the Kernville Inn. An OK place with a Cabin like setting. Would I stay there again...maybe. Not a bad place.  Too pricey for what we got...IMO.

Day 2...On to Beatty!

Highlights are Whitney Portal rd., the Ancient Bristlecone Forest, and the 168


Just before you get to Lone Pine on the 395 is a nice side ride called Whitney Portal Rd. It takes you up into the foothills of the Sierra's above Lone Pine.  A nice little road with some spetacular views of the valley floor below. 

Also on this leg is one Road in particular that had to be the most interesting road I've ever been on. The 168. On one long stretch it twisted. It turned left. It turned right. It went up. It went down... Sometimes all in the same turn. Definitely a road I'd like to do again....and again!!!! I think the better you get to know it the more fun it would get! It was a pretty long stretch...so that might take a while! Being a new road, and it's very unpredictable nature made it fun, exciting,... and a challenge to ride. Towards the end of this stretch  is White Mountain Rd...the turnoff for the Ancient Bristle Cone Pine Forest. It is a long, narrow, twisty road that the ends in a dirt road. A few miles down White Mountain is a turnoff to the Bristlecon Pine forest, and Sierra View vista.  After  seeing the view, and the forest, and for some...seeing Ron ride a really old dead tree, we head back down White Mountain Rd  ...and back to the 168 and are Beatty bound! The 168 mellows a few miles past White Mountain Rd. and turns into a nice scenic cruise into Beatty!  After checking in at our hotel, unloading, and decompressing for a bit we worked on dinner. We started out for dinner with a nice walking tour of Beatty....:)  Thanks Joe Solis!!! After our "tour" we found a nice place to eat called The Sourdough Saloon. An interesting place. (pic)  They had a good menu...Steak, seafood, pizza, etc., and our dinners were pretty good! After a good dinner I was ready for bed! We stayed at the Stagecoach Inn. The rooms were newer, clean, large, and  comfortable. I would stay there again.

                                           Ride'um  Ron!!!

Photo by Joe Solis  

Day 3

Day three. The last day of our ride. I both like, and dislike last days. I like the last day because it means we're going home.  As much as I like to travel, I always miss home. I just about always get homing pigeon syndrome. I dislike last days because it's the end of an adventure. I always miss the camaraderie of my fellow travelers, and the fun. Highlights of this leg are Artists Drive, A really scary one mile stretch of gravel road... Shut the hell up Carl, Joe, and Andy!...:), and a restaurant in Trona.

By Carl LovitThe night before....A nice dip in hot bubbling Jacuzzi...bourbon on the rocks in my hand... Followed by a good dinner with good company...followed by a good night's sleep at our nice hotel makes for a great way to start day 3.  Awesome! KSU at 9AM....and I'm ready to ride! Today we go through DV. We did the Artists Drive loop. Very pretty, and geologically interesting...like all of DV After doing the Artists loop we continued down 190 toward the town of Trona. On this stretch, the 190 take a hard left turn. Also at this point the highway turned into one the scariest one mile of gravel road that I have ever been on. It felt like I was on ice, and my bike was going to fly out from beneath me at any time. I've been on dirt roads before, but none made me feel like this...not even Moki! Add humiliation to the road. Effin Carl, Joe, and Andy/Miss Daisy go flying past Ron and I like they were on the Autobahn! Again, shut the hell up you three...Ha ha! Ron and I both finished that crap road without falling. We were very, very pleased to see the end of the gravel!!!! On to Trona, and lunch. I'm sure I burned a lot of calories on that lame one mile of gravel... and I'm very hungry! We ate at a neat place called Esparze. Small place. Large menu...good food! I had 3  ground beef street tacos!  I'd go there again!! It sure felt good to rest a bit too! After Trona is the final leg of our ride.  We pretty much said our goodbye's here at the restaurant.

I very much enjoyed the 2015 version of our DV/Kernville ride. Like all our rides....Nice roads, scenic beauty, good food, and nice people to share it all with! I'm looking forward to our next visit to DV!


April 12, 2015

By Carla  Korda

The Pozo crew!


Cal Coast rides to Pozo.

  The hardy riders of C.C. met at the Ventura meet spot to begin our next adventure. The day was bright and beautiful, a typical SoCal spring day.

  We hopped on the super slab and headed to S.B. to meet Roy and his new to him Honda ST. From there eight of us continued on our reverse route up the freeway. The traffic was light and the day so nice that cruising on the freeway was quite pleasant. We got off the freeway for a stretch at Zaca Canyon, to Foxen where we took our first break in Santa Maria. We returned to the freeway  for a short bit, and  exited at Price Rd. in Arroyo Grande to hook up with the 227 in the quaint little town of Edna. From there we went through part of Old Town San Luis Obispo to once again hit the slab and exit in Santa Margarita.

  For those of you who have not ridden in this area...you are missing out! The surrounding area is in the top 5 [on my list], riding in So. Cal. The roads are winding and the scenery classic with very little traffic.

  This brings us to Pozo for lunch. Best described as being like a small time Alice's Restaurant such as we frequent in the Santa Cruz mountains. Less bikes, less people and more remote but still the same vibe. It is a delightful place to sit in the shade under a canopy of trees and have a good lunch, or belly up to the old time bar if your not on a club ride.

  At lunch we did the raffle and believe it or not, the same person won both tickets! Hank congratulations! Some people have all the luck! [Remember to identify yourself as a C. C. rider when you cash it in. $40 geez]. The rest of us scored some really cool stuff when Roy brought his leftovers from his FJR days. Thanks Roy for thinking of us!

  After lunch some gorgeous country roads to the infamous Hwy. 58. The whoop dee doos are as big as ever and will make your stomach drop out if you hit them hard. More nice twisties and onward to Taft.

  In Taft Hank and Andy headed to the 5 and the remaining intrepid warriors hit the 33 to Ojai. Joe booked it out in front with me trying to follow and Wild Man Carl on the Big Red Wing keeping us in his sights.

  Super nice ride for all with 410 miles on the odo and for some a lot more. Everyone was exhausted and satisfied with a job well done. Thanks Ron and all who make this club possible!



May Preview

May has CCR headed to the Mount Wilson Observatory.
Splendid twisty roads, and a splendid view of L.A. once you get up there! We are having lunch at the Cosmic Cafe...it's out of this world!  ....Ha!  Click here to go to the May club ride page

Product Review
by Jeff Goldstein

Follow up from last month.

I re applied AnyGlove several times, and let it  air dry instead of using a blow drier.  It seemed to last most of the day when I applied it in this manner.  Bottom line....It will work in a pinch if you really need to touch your screen. Is it perfect....no.  Does it work fair....yes. I'm still going to try a high quality conductive thread.  When I do I'll give it a review!

Keep the rubber side down!

                                                                 Jeff  G.

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