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March 17,2015

On The Road
By Jeff Goldstein  
March 8,2015

     I didn't go on this ride last year because it looked like a ride with not a lot of twisties...Figured it would be boring!   After the riders who went got back they kept talking about how nice a ride they had!  I was left scratching my head.  Not wanting to miss a good ride, I decided to do the Randsburg ride this year.  Now I know what everyone was talking about last year.  True, it's not a very twist filled route(although we had some)... but  there is something to be said for a nice peaceful cruise in the  open desert.  I fully enjoyed  setting the cruise control on 75....putting on my favorite playlist...and motoring through the desert enjoying the 70 something degree weather and the beautiful  scenery the winter desert offers! "Long ride with a Different kind of destination. Old historic town of Randsburg in the middle of nowhere." Awesome!

    We had lunch at the Randsburg General Store...one of two place to eat in town.  Very cool place .....and good food too!
 Look at those happy faces!


"All good things come to an end"
Farewell to some good friends


Utah, Colorado, Santa Cruz, Death Valley.....and on ...and on. For the last few years Frank and Jürgen have been fixtures on most CCR rides.  Frank on his GS, and Jürgen on his KTM. Always a pleasure to be around, and fun to ride with !  Sadly, both Frank and Jürgen are headed back to Germany, and their time here with Cal Coast Riders has come to an end.  I don't think it will set in until our next ride when you guys are not with us.... :(

All of us are grateful for the rides we got to go on together, and wish both of you futures that are filled with health, happiness, and...  many  good rides!

Best of Luck from all of your friends at Cal Coast Riders


April Preview

Time for our annual journey to the Pozo Saloon....Our longest ride of the year!  We will be slabbing it on the 101 in a few sections with some nice canyons and rural roads to break it up. Just past Santa Margarita we will take Pozo Rd down to our lunch stop at Pozo Saloon.  After lunch we will complete the loop back up to the 58 for more twist and turns until we get to the big whoops formed by the San Andreas Fault. From there it’s the 33 thru Taft and the fun stretch of twisties into Ojai.

Product Review
by Jeff Goldstein

If you want to use your Iphone while you have leather gloves on you're are out of luck....Leather gloves will not work on an Iphone touchscreen. I like using my phone while riding so I had to find a solution to this problem. Enter Anyglove.  I have tried Anyglove on two pairs of leather gloves now. AnyGlove works great for an hour or two, then stops working.  Same results on both pairs of gloves.  I've followed the application instructions perfectly.....done repeated applications.  Same result.  Only works for a few hours.  Needless to say, I am very disappointed with AnyGlove. I wish it worked for a longer period of time.  Pretty much useless to me.  If you are in the same situation as me...I wouldn't waste your money on AnyGlove.  If somebody out there who has also used AnyGlove and had a different result please let me know, and I will update this review! Have you found something that works?  Let me know!

Strange thing happened with my AnyGloved gloves.  They stopped working on my Iphone the other day....then this morning they worked on my Iphone just fine.  More research is required!!!

Plan B
In my quest to get my touchscreen abilities back I have also tried conductive thread. I didn't have a lot of luck with that stuff either!  But,  After talking with Carl Lovit,  I  may give conductive thread another try.   He said a friend of his used conductive thread and had great results!   I recently found out that cheap conductive thread is crap...and that's what I bought when I first tried conductive thread.  I am found a reputable website that carries  high quality thread.  I am going to give them a try.  I will let you know how it works out in next months newsletter.

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